Virgin Natural Oils

Browse our selection of hair oils for hair care across all types and needs. 

These oils nourish, protect and help retain moisture for happy and heathlty hair. 

Use them for your hot oil treatment to bring back the natural shine of your hair. Restore elasticity into dull and brittle hair. Can be mix with your favorite conditioner to create the perfect and most effective deep conditioning experience. 

If you suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, Castor oil will help with regrowth and volume. Apply a small amount to affected area and massage gently, can be use daily. 


Hair Masks

Clay masks are most have, they have great ingredients which help repair dry  brittle, damaged or colored hair.

Our selection of clays include henne, alma, neem leaf, skaikiki, rhassoul and aztec clay.

Your hair will regain life, bounce and shine. 

Mix clay with water to create a paste and  apply to hair. 



Our leave in conditioners will give you the hydration, moisture and help restore the natural shine of your coil and curls. 


Wash day must have

We value products that contain nourishing ingredients, therefore we are bringing to you an easier wash day. 

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